In an open letter written on 19 July 2021, the Vicar General of the Catholic Diocese of Darwin, Father Malcolm P. Fyfe msc, urged the Prime Minister to cease Australia’s cruel policies towards people seeking protection by boat and to consider an amnesty for those still in detention.

19 July 2021 is the 8th year anniversary of Australia’s declaration that no one seeking asylum by boat would be resettled in Australia and reinstating indefinite offshore detention for them.

He wrote on behalf of the many well-informed thoughtful people who are appalled by Australia’s current immoral and evil treatment of people seeking protection here. He urged the Government to abolish offshore processing and begin a swift and fair onshore processing system; to consider a well thought out one-off amnesty for as many detainees as possible.

If the Government did not take up those suggestions he urged another bi-partisan Expert Panel on Asylum seekers be set up to review the current situation.

“Australia is capable of something a lot savvier and more generous than our current harsh and mean treatment of asylum seekers and refugees. The majority of people I encounter are most uncomfortable with this ongoing reprehensible phenomenon and there is a sense that, as Australians, we are better than this,” he said.

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