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Catholics for Refugees Groups

Catholics for Refugees Groups work towards the greater campaign goal of advocating social justice and support for support those seeking asylum and refugees.

Catholics for Refugees groups can be parish or electorate based.

What does a Catholics for Refugees group do?

Groups are set up in electorate areas and meet regularly to organise and plan the actions they will take.

Actions can include:

  • Organising food, phone cards and support for asylum seekers
  • Writing a letter to the Editor
  • Speaking at schools
  • Lobbying MPs and local members
  • Running events
  • Supporting campaigns

The options of how your group makes a change are endless and the great thing is each group decides what their own priorities are.

There is plenty of work to go around and no one is asked to work alone; we will support the group in whatever way is needed.

How does a Catholics for Refugees group do what they do?

As part of a united Catholic community, each individual chapter is autonomous and works towards the greater campaign goal of advocating social justice and support for refugees. 

The groups are premised on the concept of ‘distributed organising’, which means the groups are autonomous and responsible for their own actions. Each group discerns what they believe their priorities should be however, groups are not left to sink or swim, we provide support to the area leaders every step of the way to create the opportunity to run their own local groups and take responsibility of expanding their groups.

Together we learn how to become the most effective, inclusive and exciting community.

Who can start or join a Catholics for Refugees group?

Are you someone who…

has a passion to see refugees and those seeking our protection treated with respect.

has watched on for the last twenty years wondering when the situation will change for the most vulnerable.

believes the Catholic Church has something to say about social justice and dignity of all.

is no longer able to look away and hope someone fixes things.

Come join a Catholics for Refugees group!

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Access a resource pack for more information about joining or starting a Catholics for Refugees group.

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