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“I ask leaders and legislators and the entire international community to confront the reality of those who have been displaced by force, with effective projects and new approaches in order to protect their dignity, to improve the quality of their life and to face the challenges that are emerging from modern forms of persecution, oppression and slavery.”

- Pope Francis


Voting for the Common Good

In the lead up to the Federal Election 2022, a number of organisations have put together this election kit on a range of issues including refugees and people seeking asylum

150 Days of Action

150 days of action across Australia, to engage with people of good will, and advocate to change our country’s attitude and policies towards those seeking protection in Australia.

Catholics For Refugees Resource Kit

Download a full resource kit with more information about joining or starting a Catholics for Refugees group

Join Us

Join us in taking action by connecting with or starting a Catholics for Refugees group; getting involved in changing the way the Catholic Church engages with this punitive public policy; and working together to imagine a new way of caring for displaced families and communities in our own neighbourhood.