The Djokovic Farce

by Susan Connelly

The Djokovic farce has highlighted at last

That a Melbourne hotel is a foyer of hell.

Men who’ve broken no law are behind its brick wall

And for seeking asylum our pollies revile them.


Tho’ true refugees, they’ve been brought to their knees,

Being locked up for years to placate Aussie fears,

Just pawns used for votes – ’cause they came here by boat,

Just balls in a game that’s Australia’s great shame.

Behind the veneer of some God-talk we hear

Our “leadership” crowd quite appallingly proud

Of what they have done to these men on the run,

As though scapegoating victims befitted a Christian.


I challenge you now – please explain to us how

Jesus Christ would defend the abuse of these men.

If you’re in any doubt, take your good bible out,

Matthew 7:21 is the sine qua non.


Let all tennis stars, from Australia or Mars,

Please do a Craig Foster; your nation will prosper.



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